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Who We Are

We are a small, family run, cut flower and market vegetable farm located in Denfield Ontario.

We grow on land that has been in our family for generations. Which is why we believe in honoring the places where we are rooted by using sustainable growing methods and giving back to the community. Our fresh blooms and produce are available during the growing season through weekly flower subscriptions, craft materials, bulk buckets, and at local farmer's markets. 

What We Do

We grow local, sustainable blooms that are beautiful enough for special occasions but affordable enough for everyday.

Our blooms are available through: local farmers markets, bulk buckets, craft materials and weekly flower subscriptions.

Occasionally we offer other products, such as fresh produce, garden plants, cards and classes depending on the season. For the most up to date offerings follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We recognize that we are very blessed to have the space and ability to grow, not only beautiful flowers, but fresh local produce. We donate our produce to local food banks as a way to give back to our wonderful community. 


Why We Do It 

We believe in honoring the places where our roots run deep by stewarding the land and giving back to the community. 


We believe that each day is beautiful and every person deserves celebration; which is why we strive to produce affordable blooms.

We believe in the power of healthy living. We encourage our community to get out and grow - whether on a small patio, or in a children’s garden. A bit of beauty, sunshine and fresh food is transformative.

That is why we do what we do. We believe that the simple act of bringing fresh flowers home and putting fresh food on the table has the power to transform lives and we cannot think of a better way to honor the people and the places we call home. 

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